Seminario Applied

Gaetano Musella

Parthenope University of Naples


Webinar – 14:30


The aim of this work is to explore the cognitive and social determinants of pro-environmental behaviours. By using the separate waste collection as a proxy for pro-environmental attitude, we investigate the role played by neighbours’ influence and cultural consumptions in influencing the motivations underlying green commitment. After proposing the theoretical framework on the evolution of motivations, it is tested through an empirical analysis based on quantile regression and Italian municipal data for 2012. The results confirm that neighbours influence each other, while different cultural goods produce different effects. These findings suggest a rethinking of environmental policies. On the one hand, a stronger focus upon the social dimension of spatial diffusion of good behaviours is recommended. On the other hand, the encouragement of cultural consumptions may play a relevant role in tackling environmental issues.

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