Seminario Theory-Experimental

Ian Krajbich

Ohio State University


seminar – 14:30


When making decisions, people can be influenced by the context (or framing) of the decisions in addition to the features of the choice options. People can use context to develop predispositions toward certain categories (or types) of options. Predispositions can increase the efficiency of the choice process by reducing the need for in-depth evaluation but they can also bias choice. Here, we experimentally study how predispositions develop over time and how they are linked to evaluations. We also explore how to distinguish between predispositions and evaluations using hand movement data when people are required to reach for their chosen option. We study these choice dynamics across domains, in choices over food, social, intertemporal, and risky outcomes. Our findings provide a framework for understanding the factors that affect preferences and for attributing them to context-dependent predispositions or decision-level evaluations.

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