Seminario Applied

Jose Canals-Cerda

Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia


Seminario 3 – 14:30


This paper presents preliminary findings on the effects of natural disasters on consumer finance and the role of government in addressing related issues. Using data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Natural Disasters Dataset, the study provides a descriptive analysis of major disaster declarations since 1953 and identifies trends in severe storms, floods, hurricanes, fires, and ice storms. The study also attempts to quantify natural disaster risks by geography and reviews literature on the impact of climate change and natural disasters on consumer finance. The study finds that extreme weather events have significant implications for human lives, health, and property and that preventive adaptation and mitigation efforts, risk management and insurance, and financial innovation can reduce potential future losses. Moreover, the study examines the impact of sea-level rise and flooding on home prices and other consumer finance outcomes, and highlights the disproportionate impact of natural disasters on less affluent populations. The study emphasizes the importance of government assistance, insurance, and adaptation in mitigating these impacts.

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