Seminario Applied

Anna Salomons

Utrecht University


Seminario 3 – 14:30


We examine how advancing technology has influenced the occupational training and skill acquisition of vocationally trained workers in Germany. Such changes in skill supply may allow workers to work with new technologies relevant for their job, acquire relevant complementary skills, and/or remove training for tasks that are being automated, highlighting a potentially important channel through which the labor market adjusts to changing skill demands. We construct a novel database of detailed and legally binding training curricula descriptions and changes therein, spanning the near universe of vocational training in Germany over five decades. We characterize changes in specific skill content over time, and identify the causal effect of technological change on educational content by linking vocational curricula to patents with Natural Language Processing techniques. Lastly, we use administrative employer-employee data to study whether educational updating helps workers adjust to changing skill demands, leading to improved wage and employment outcomes.

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