Castillo-Brais, B., León, A. & J. Mora.
Mathematics – (2022), Vol. 10, 4329

Keywords: value-at-risk; expected shortfall; polynomial expansions; backtesting

Abstract: We assess Value-at-Risk (VaR) and Expected Shortfall (ES) estimates assuming different models for the standardized returns: distributions based on polynomial expansions such as Cornish-Fisher and Gram-Charlier, and well-known parametric densities such as normal, skewed-t and Johnson. This paper aims to analyze whether models based on polynomial expansions outperform the parametric ones. We carry out the model performance comparison in two stages: first, with a backtesting analysis
of VaR and ES; and second, using loss functions. Our backtesting results show that all distributions, except for normal ones, perform quite well in VaR and ES estimations. Regarding the loss function analysis, we conclude that polynomial expansions (specifically, the Cornish-Fisher one) usually outperform parametric densities in VaR estimation, but the latter (specifically, the Johnson density) slightly outperform the former in ES estimation; however, the gains of using one approach or the other are modest.