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The PhD Program in Economics at UA provides students with a theoretical and practical background necessary for success in their professional careers in universities, public and private research organizations, international institutions, consultancy, and business.

In order to maintain a tight-knit relationship between students and faculty, the program restricts the intake of students each year to a maximum of 20 students. Our graduate students come from a wide variety of different countries, which helps contribute to the international spirit of our program.

We encourage our PhD students to participate in the international job market. We prepare our candidates for all the important aspects related to the job market process. These include communication skills, mock interviews and seminars. Further, the program provides additional financial support so that our PhD candidates can participate in the International Labor Market Meetings held annually in Europe and the United States.

The PhD Program in Economics forms part of the QED European network of PhD programs in Economics, together with University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), University of Bielefeld (Germany), University of Cardiff  (UK), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University Nova of Lisbon (Portugal), University Paris 1 (France),  University of Vienna (Austria). Students have the opportunity of spending part of their time in any of the departments in the network. Each year, the QED network coordinates a conference for PhD students from the participating institutions. This conference provides students with the opportunity to present their work to an international audience consisting of  PhD students as well as senior researchers.

We are also part of ERES, European Real Estate Society, an academic society that brings together research centers and departments in Europe with an interest in Real Estate. The University of Alicante is a co-founder of the society, established in 1994, and regularly participates in the organization of the anual ERES meeting and the Education Seminar, organized in Alicante in 2017.  Our students, working in Real Estate, belong to the ERES PhD Network and they participate regularly in the activities of the network.

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