Aspen Institute España together with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid organize a seminar on October 4, 5 in La Moraleja, Madrid, under the sponsorship of Fundación Urrutia Elejalde, Uría Menéndez and Campus BBVA. The objective of the seminar is to facilitate the possibility of discussion among a group of about 50 economists and researchers coming form different fields, so that they could think and talk about some frontier subjects from the economic, social and political context in the current Spanish situation. Taking as an initial point the wish of making Spain an innovative country, the goal of this seminar is to enhance the debate from civil society about the political, economic, technological and the society of knowledge the country is facing, as well as the necessary reforms. The debate is structured around three workshops:

  • The Spanish economic model from the crisis of gobal capitalism.
  • Innovation in the political representation and in the State structure.
  • University strategies and scientific policy in Spain.
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