Descripció del curs

The focus of the course is on different approaches to applied work in the areas of Economic Growth and Development (Part I), and International Trade (Part II), with a Macroeconomic angle. The paper list given below for each topic is merely illustrative of a certain type of work. Students will have to present twice in each part of the course. Each presentation should focus on a topic that can be chosen from the ones provided in this syllabus, and contained a discussion of the general approach and the solution given by different papers (at least three). Topics and papers do not necessarily need to be picked from the ones included below, although they should fall (in a wide sense) within the course description given above. There will be no final exam; the course grade will be exclusively based on the presentations. The two topics and the papers on which the student is going to concentrate in each part of the course should be emailed to the relevant instructor at least a week before the beginning of that part, so that instructors can make sure that the papers represent a homogeneous and coherent picture; that is, your choice is subject to approval. In addition, students need to send their presentation slides a week before the talk so that we can verify that the focus is appropriate.