IV Workshop of the Spanish Macroeconomics Network

Alicante (Spain), 7th – 8th  October 2021


Call for Papers

The IV Workshop organized by the Spanish Macroeconomics Network will be hosted by  the University of Alicante at the San Vicente Campus on the 7th and 8th of October 2021.


The workshop is open to both theoretical and empirical papers that deal with aspects of broadly defined macroeconomic topics such as, for example: economic growth; economic fluctuations; monetary, fiscal and supply-side policies; the macroeconomics of development; open economy macroeconomics; and income inequality.


The programs of the previous three workshops can be accessed by clicking on the following institutions where they took place: UPNA, UAB, and UCM. (These sites will be soon available in a unified webpage with additional information.)

Invited speakers:

Tim Kehoe

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis FED, NBER


·  Economic Theory

·  Studies in Economic Theory

Former President of the Society for Economic Dynamics

Michele Tertilt

University of Mannheim, IZA, CEPR

Editorial Board:

·  Review of Economic Studies

Associate editor:

·  Journal of Development Economics

Tiago Cavalcanti

University of Cambridge, CEPR


·  The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics

Associate editor:

·  The Economic Journal

·  Economic Theory



Interested speakers should submit abstract/paper by June 30th to fidel.perez@ua.es. Contributors will be notified on the tentative program by July 15th.

Registration will be open until August 15th.



The organizers will cover accommodation for the speakers, and meals and conference dinner for all registered participants. The registration fee is 150€.


Local Organizers: Luis Franjo, Mª Dolores Guilló, Fidel Pérez and Francesco Turino.


Scientific committee: Jaime Alonso (Universidade de Vigo), Miguel Casares (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Antonia Díaz (Universidad Carlos III), José Enrique Galdón (Universidad Pública de Navarra), Gustavo Marrero (Universidad de La Laguna), Antonio Moreno (Universidad de Navarra), Francesc Obiols (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona), Fidel Pérez (Universidad de Alicante), Luis Puch (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Xavier Raurich (Universitat de Barcelona), Raul Santaeulalia (Universitat Autònoma Barcelona) and Jesús Vázquez (Universidad del País Vasco).

Workshop Program

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