Our colleague Carmen Beviá has been appointed vice-president of the Association of Southern European Economic Theorists (ASSET), a group of twenty one economics departments and economics research centres.

ASSET is a group of economics departments and economics research centres that are all based in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Currently there are twenty two member institutions locted in Algiers, Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

The purpose of the association is to encourage cooperation and exchange of researchers and ideas among the participating research institutions in the general field of analytical and quantitative economics and econometrics.

To this end, ASSET organizes various scientific activities, in particular an annual meeting hosted by a different member institution each year. The scientific activities and meetings of ASSET are open to international scholars from all parts of the world.

ASSET Board is composed of representatives from each of the member institutions (one representative from each member institution). ASSET Board elects the president for a term of two years, the vice president (who is also the president-elect) for a term of two years, and the secretary general for a term of four years. ASSET Board meets each year during the annual ASSET meeting. According to this, our colleague Carmen Beviá will take over the presidency of this organisation in January 2025.

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