The latest edition of the European Job Market for Economists (EJME), which will be held between the 11th and 14th of December, will have participation from four students from the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis (FAE) of the University of Alicante (UA). It is an annual event where international companies from different economic and financial sectors, as well as universities and international bodies, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, seek candidates for recruitment. The event allows the best students to vie for an employment contract at one of the most prestigious economic organisations in the world. The FAE Department of the UA is sending four doctoral students to this edition of the recruitment forum, who will undergo interviews with different entities to vie for the posts offered.

The four doctoral students of the University of Alicante are Álvaro Fernández-Gallardo, Clemente Pinilla-Torremocha, Julián G. Soriano-Harris and Binur Yermukanova. For their selection, the students must complete their PhDs during this academic year and have completed an article, known as a ‘job market paper’, on one of the topics related with their doctoral thesis. Subsequently, each candidate must send the market organisers a report including their CV, the ‘job market paper’ and three recommendation letters from professors supporting the candidate’s research. The institutions will then carry out a selection of profiles and undertake online interviews with the job applicants. If they are selected, a personal meeting is organised where the candidates must present their research (‘flyout’), which will take place in the first months of 2024. Upon completing this process, the entities will contact the candidates who best meet their neds.

David Jiménez-Gómez, in charge of the European Job Market in the FAE Department, noted that “over the almost 10 years of experiences at this event, we have former students in positions of high responsibility at national and international private entities and public bodies such as University College London, the University of Barcelona, and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, to mention some of the most recent”. In fact, the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis of the UA has achieved employability of 100% of students who have participated in previous editions of the European Job Market. As Jiménez-Gómez states, “this forum is a golden opportunity for our students, and also reflects the high level of training and external projection of the Faculty of Economics of the UA, in these cases also confirming high employability”.

The EJME is organised by the European Economic Association, the Spanish Economic Association and the Royal Economic Society. It has participation from the most prestigious European universities, as well as business schools, which send their students to vie for posts at other academic institutions and official bodies.

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