The Investigo Programme funds projects that apply data science to the analysis of macroeconomic policies

The Valencia Regional Government, through the Investigo Programme, has granted financing to the Department of Foundations of Economic Analysis (FAE) to hire two young people in order to develop their skills as researchers over two years in various works, applying “Data science to analysis of macroeconomic policies”. The Investigo Programme subsidises the hiring of young people as technologist or research personnel, for developing and executing research and innovation initiatives.

The coordinator of this project, Professor Iván Payá Sastre, has stated that “we are very pleased to have been selected as the only project  of the UA financed by the Investigo Programme. The young people hired will work on projects where they will use quantitative analysis tools that are at the forefront of research, such as, for example, management of geolocated data, analysis of text and voice in the media using AI, development of interactive websites, and stimulation and simulation of economic models”.

For the professor of the department, “these techniques are subsequently applied to analysis of economic policies such as public investment in infrastructure, monetary policy, as well as monitoring and analysis of markets, such as the housing market”.

Additionally, Payá also stated that “for two years, the two young people hired will expand their training with courses in our Master’s in Quantitative Economics, other specialised courses in Text Analysis with AI, and visits to other departments and economic research centres in Europe and the USA with which our department collaborates”.

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